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GEM Resource Surveys
recognizes the important obligations to provide a safe work environment for all its employees and subcontractors; as well as an obligation to ensure that all employees and subcontractors behave in a safe and responsible manner.  These obligations extend beyond employees and subcontractors to the public at large, where the company operations and conduct interface with the community and the environment.  The company commits to the implementation, the enforcement, and the improvement, where possible, of the policies and procedures outlined in its safety manual, in a continuing effort to satisfy these obligations.

The company solicits constructive criticism of its operations by employees on matters of safety, productivity and quality control with a view to the improvement of existing policy. GEM expects employee participation in the design and implementation of strategies and actions which will improve operations and will provide the management support and financial resources for their achievement.

Our goal shall be the elimination of accidents and injuries.  Our commitment to safety will be rewarding for both the company and the employees.  The company will benefit through reduced costs, higher utilization of services, and the developement of personnel.  The employees will benefit through reduced potential for injury to their self and co-workers, financially, as he/she will work more often, and through carreer advancement, as increasing levels of responsibility are granted based on contribution and input to this and other company progress.